About West Coast Engines

“West Coast Engines sells daily driver small block Chevy and Ford engines for classic cars. We believe in turn-key ready to install engines that are tested, have quality parts, and a big warranty. Our customers know we aren’t the cheapest, but we are the best!” – Brady Halbasch / Founder

Quality Custom Crate Engines for Daily Drivers

Majority of the industry lacks in quality parts, newer machinery and customer service.  It’s important to look for name brand parts, find real reviews, and do your homework to make sure each company backs up their work.  When doing business with a quality company the expense may be higher, but in the end, you save yourself from a bad experience that could be costly.  For some, spending an extra $500-$2k might not seem ideal, but what happens when you go for a cheap engine?  In most cases, you end up spending that $2k on new parts, more labor, or even worse – a new engine.
West Coast Engines is one of the leading online aftermarket engine suppliers in the United States based in San Diego and Washington. Only the utmost quality and leading technology is in every one of our engines with name brand parts such as Holley, COMP Cams, Melling, Edelbrock, Fel-Pro, MSD, Scat and more. We are an official dealer for Holley, Borla, and CVF Racing. All engines are backed with factory-direct nationwide warranties, built in America, can be shipped anywhere in the USA or internationally!

Quality Control.

Beyond the name brand parts, machining, and service, what sets us apart from the competition is the quality control.  We do extensive research before implementing new systems or new components onto engines.  Our main goal is reliability more than anything else.  When we find something that works, we stick with it. For example, when the EFI systems came out on the market a few years back we didn’t offer them with our engines for 2 full years because we wanted to test all these systems in-house to find the best one that is easy to tune and won’t have any problems.

With so much of our business being word of mouth, we take a lot of pride ensuring our people are taken care of.  We build a customized, quality product with fast, friendly and flexible service.  Having our customers on our side has allowed us to take our company to the next level, provide for a larger community and expand our business – the right way.  Our success comes from your happiness and we’d love for you to be a part of our success!

Meet the Executive Team

Larry Robinette / Technical Director

Meet Larry!

Larry is in charge of quality control, research and development, and just about everything that happens at the factory. Having years of engine building experience on top of being an ASE certified mechanic, he can spot just about any engine problem from a mile away and knows exactly how to fix it. Larry is also very active on the sales force of WCE and most often you’ll catch him on the phones when you call in to get a quote. He is not only one of the hardest working guys you’ll ever meet, but also one of the coolest and most interesting, and we are honored to have him on board.

He races dirt bikes competitively and has been involved with motocross since he was a teenager. If he isn’t competing in events, you can find him enjoying some of his other favorite outdoor activities—fishing, shooting his arsenal of guns, and restoring classic cars.

Q&A with Larry!

If you won the lottery, what cars would be in your driveway?
1984 Chevy C10 Pickup
Hellcat Charger
1967 Ford Falcon
Ram 3500 Diesel Pick

Who’s the coolest celebrity that has called West Coast Engines?
“Easy one! Stone Cold Steve Austin. Guy was so cool.”

Who is your celebrity crush?
“Angelina Jolie. She’s badass in ‘Tomb Raider.’”

What is the dumbest way you have been injured?
“Low speed motorcycle accident haha! Probably the slowest you can ride on a motorcycle without falling over.”

What’s the most terrible movie that you love?
“The Goonies.”

Coolest engine project you’ve been a part of?
“750 HP big block Chevy.”

What superpower would you want to have?
“See into the future.”


Brady Halbasch / CEO & Founder

Meet Brady!

Brady handles marketing, branding, and executive work covering the most vital elements of West Coast Engines.

Majority of Brady’s life has been at the racetrack. He grew up around sprint car racing and at the age of 10 started racing go-karts at his local track in Davis, California. By the age of 22 he was one of the most accomplished drivers in his region winning 18 titles, 300 awards, and won a national championship.

Brady started West Coast Engines in 2008 during the economic recession. Transitioning out of his racing career and into a business, Brady started West Coast Engines with $500, a computer, and a hard work. Today, West Coast Engines is an internationally known name in the hot rod world!


Q&A with Brady!

If you won the lottery, what cars would be in your driveway?
1956 Corvette
1969 Ford Mach 1
2021 McLaren 765LT

Who’s the coolest celebrity that has called West Coast Engines?
“Back when Darren McFadden was with the Oakland Raiders he bought a “BEAST” and a “RUMBLER” 383 stroker for both of his rides. Super nice guy.”

Who is your celebrity crush?
“Miranda Kerr’”

Most embarrassing accident as a race car driver?
“It was my first race and I started in the back. On the formation lap going less than 10 MPH I hit a haybail head-on haha! I was so nervous that a guy brake checked me and before I could mentally process what was happening I was in the dirt sitting unerneath a haybail.”

What’s your favorite movie?
“The Great Gatsby. I love how they brought back the 20’s in a modern way.”

Favorite athlete?
“Kobe Bryant.”

What superpower would you want to have?
“Time travel.”


Danielle Scharberg / Admin Assistant

Meet Danielle!

She’s spent the last 15 years in customer and business relations. She comes from the Aviation world starting with the worlds only completion center exclusively focused on the 737 Business Boeing Jets. Her first completion project was N1TS. Danielle then moved into the FAA Repair Station side of aviation working with Military and Commercial components for the 54H60 & 63E60 Propeller systems (similar to engines) where she handled multiple duties from placing/receiving work orders to parts pulling and ordering, customer updates final inspections, billing and logistics.

She specializes in Quality Control and customer relations. Details and perfection are what drive her. Without a doubt she strives to deliver the best product and communication in any task/job order she works on. In her free time she’s always with her kids doing anything outdoors or sports related.


Q&A with Danielle!

If you won the lottery, what cars would be in your drive way?
“1964 Chevy C10 Baby Blue and a Loaded Cadillac Escalade 2019 (Best mom ride). White or black with custom everything.”

If you could get season Tickets for any professional sports team, who would it be?
“Hands down the Raiders for football. Texas Rangers for baseball.”

What super power would you have?

Who’s the most famous person you’ve met?
“Donald Trump & Donald Trump Jr in 2011. Texas rangers Team on way back.”

Who do you wish you could meet?
“Derek Carr”