If you want the “best of the best” at an unbeatable price with great service and a big guarantee; you came to the right place. We bridge the gap between the best engine builders in the country and the honest consumer who takes pride in their vehicle. It’s time you make a statement under YOUR hood.


Majority of the industry lacks in quality parts, newer machinery and customer service.  It’s important to look for name brand parts, find real reviews, and do your homework to make sure each company backs up their work.  When doing business with a quality company the expense may be higher, but in the end, you save yourself from a bad experience that could be costly.  For some, spending an extra $500-$1k might not seem ideal, but what happens when you go for a cheap engine?  In most cases, you end up spending that $1k on new parts, more labor, or even worse – a new engine.

West Coast Engines is one of the leading online aftermarket engine suppliers in the United States based in San Diego and Washington. Only the utmost quality and leading technology is in every one of our remanufactured engine with American name brand parts such as Federal Mogul, Melling, Pioneer, Clevite, Manley, Eagle Industries and more. All remanufactured engines are backed with factory-direct nationwide warranties, built in America, can be shipped anywhere nationwide (except Hawaii), AND on average takes under one week until it lands on your doorstep from the time of purchase.

What sets us apart from the competition is the people that work here and the culture we provide.  Our customers are the ones who do a lot of research, sometimes years.  With so much of our business being word of mouth, we take a lot of pride ensuring our people are taken care of.  We build a customized, quality product with fast, friendly and flexible service.  Having our customers on our side has allowed us to take our company to the next level, provide for a larger community and expand our business – the right way.  Our success comes from your happiness and we’d love for you to be a part of our success!

We offer performance engines, automotive engines, and marine inboard engines! With over 40 years behind our product, name brand parts, industry elite machining processes, and 5 star service, we strive to supply the highest quality in the aftermarket engine industry. Our engines are built to run up to 500,000 miles and we deliver nationwide (see freight page)!  Home of the 383 stroker, we offer the best lineup in the industry for street-able, plug-in-and-play Ford and Chevy small block engines that run on regular gas.  383 stroker crate engines, 350 crate engines (see our 350 crate engines), Ford 302, 406 strokers and more! As we grow we will be offering more performance engines such as Jeep strokers, Toyota performance engines, force induction kits, apparel, and more!

  • NO Marketing Gimmicks
  • NO Cheap Parts
  • Incredible Customer Service
  • 40+ Years Behind Our Product

  • Best Elite Machining Processes in the Industry
  • External Balancing Close to 1 Gram (NO VIBRATIONS)
  • Remanufactured Engines Built In USA

  • Custom Hand-Built to Fit Your Vehicle in Just 3-5 Weeks 
  • Name Brand Quality Parts

  • Includes Custom Paint Job
  • Includes Flexplate or Flywheel for Transmission
  • Custom Performance Camshaft to Fit Your Lifestyle
  • Performance Gasket Kit for Installation
  • Includes Full Break-In Guide for First 5,000 Miles
  • 5 Year/50,000-Mile Nationwide Warranties

  • Built for Long Distance Driving, Cruising & Street Performance (NOT RACING)
  • Business & Residential Delivery
  • Available (Includes Lift-Gate Service)
  • Low Maintenance and Easy to Tune
  • Runs on Normal Gas (NOT RACING GAS)
  • We Operate Only in the USA


Buying an engine can be the most time consuming, complicated, and intimidating process you will ever encounter.  Our customer demographic are good, average people that are passionate about their vehicles and looking for a good deal.  Major retailers offer no customization or passion into their build.  Machine shops typically take months to build and are difficult to work with… not to mention they charge an arm-and-a-leg.  This is where we come in.

We bridge the gap between the best builders in the country and the consumer demand for superior service, quality, and speedy delivery at an unbeatable price. Whether you’re a master mechanic, ex-engine builder, or a regular car enthusiast (like most of us), we would love to earn your business and show you why we are the future!

  • Personable Honest Answers

  • Achieving the Utmost Performance For Your Budget

  • Convenience of Design & Customization

  • Built Specifically for Your Vehicle Application

  • Broad Power Band Engines with Vacuum For Extreme and Daily Driving

  • Quality Name Brand American Parts

  • Elite Machining Processes

  • Home of some of the Best Engineers and Engine Builders in the Country

  • Consistency of Quality and Detail

  • Factory-Direct Warranties and Customer Service


Brady Halbasch – Owner & Founder

From the age of 7 years old, Brady was entering the entrepreneur world. He took over his sister’s paper route and expanded it by 600% bringing in $1,000/month when he was under the legal age to work. The idea of creating opportunities was always on his mind, whether it was in the business world or the racing world. While running his paper route he also worked at the local Go-Cart track as a flag man. The love of racing had been with him for as long as he can remember. He’s always involved himself in the after-market racing world and that’s where the dream of professional racing was born. Throughout his accomplished 12-year racing career he’s won 18 National titles, 300 awards and mentored and raced among professional drivers such as Marco Andretti, Graham Rahal, James Hinchecliff, Sergio Perez and other active drivers in Indy Car Formula 1 and Nascar. Within the last handful of years there’s been recent health battles that has caused a lot of physical challenges on his body but has led him to useful information about the negative effects and secrets of Big Pharma and how corrupt the food industry is. Through natural remedies and holistic doctors, he’s been able to overcome his intestinal disease, learn about the secrets of health and continue to strive for the growth and expansion of his company, West Coast Engines. To get the entire story visit, www.BradyHalbasch.com

  • 12-year professional racing background in open-wheel racing
  • 11-year experience in after-market engine industry
  • Won 18 National titles and 300 awards
  • Participated in the Road to Indy program for the Indy Car Series


John Jochems – Technical Director

John is our technical director in charge of all warranty claims and he’s one of the best!  He will be the go-to-guy you’ll most likely work with if you ever have a problem or any technical difficulty.  We know that each warranty comes with its set of challenges.  It’s nice to know you have someone like John who has the knowledge and expertise to work with you through every step.  With his top-notch service and wide skill set, he’ll be able to find a solution and give you the answers you need.


  • Certified Senior GM Master Mechanic for 20+ Years
  • Stock Car Racer for 7 Years
  • Worked with Ford Corporate Motor Company for Engine Development
  • 2014 – Voted Best GM Service Tech in His Region

Chanele Sieberer – Marketing & Office Manager

“Being a San Diego native, it’s incredible to be working for a company that represents the West Coast and all its luxuries.  When you think West Coast you have the idea of ambitious goal-seeking opportunities with a laid-back vibe.  That’s how I feel about the dynamic at West Coast Engines.  We are easy-going, but our ambition to do great things is overwhelming and drives our professional attitude with the same goal in mind: help the people and provide a quality product.  That’s why I love being a part of a company that checks all the boxes in what I value as a person.”

Chanele has been a team player her entire life.  She’s always been involved in sports teams and outings, athletic and scholastic clubs, and has always enjoyed helping and being around people.  She has a strong, managerial background and has focused mainly on customer service industries.  Things she enjoys the most when she isn’t managing a company or going to school are watching Sunday football, playing with her son, Kovi or spending her days outside.  Having such a personable person like Chanele is a valuable thing.  With her optimistic, fun attitude it truly brings out the personality in the company and really ties together the perfect team.

  • 8+ Years in Customer Service Industry
  • Mother of One
  • College Student – Marketing Major
  • Strong Managerial Background



West Coast Engines Unlimited Inc BBB Business Review