Should I Buy a Turnkey Engine?

by | Jul 5, 2019

With any big purchase, especially one involving a very technical product, it’s best to have the manufacturer put everything together for you. When consumers take on a whole project themselves they’re stuck trying to find the appropriate parts/accessories, outsourcing from different companies and installing it themselves. Save yourself the time, hassle and potential problems by buying a turnkey engine. Our experts will customize everything to your needs and install the parts with a level of precision and know-how that is hard to achieve on your own, especially when life gets in the way.

As an added bonus, your engine will be dyno tested with all its native parts. This gives you piece of mind knowing that what was on the dyno is exactly what you’re getting AND the engine and all its parts will be broken in and battle-tested when you receive it.

With hundreds of collective years of experience, our engineers have seen it all. Unfortunately, the people who try to save a buck here and there and piece together an engine themselves are the ones who run into all the problems. Building a quality engine isn’t just about using the right parts; there is a very significant level of craftsmanship that goes into building an engine properly. It’s not just the best tools that make a great surgeon – it’s how they perform their craft. With an item as complex as an engine the stakes are high when it comes to a mistake, even a small one.

In all honesty, it’s really in your best interest to let professionals do the hard part of the job.

Think of it like buying a computer…it’s a complex piece of technology that involves significant investment. Buying a new computer from a reputable company is going to lead you down a happier and less troubled path versus purchasing a hard drive and piecing the rest together yourself.

While the idea of building your own computer may seem fun and exciting at first, it’s probably going to cost you a few headaches, a few hundred bucks and a few extra months longer than it should.Have any other questions about West Coast Engine turnkey builds? No problem! Feel free to submit a comment below or email us at sales@westcoastengines.com.