What is a 383 Stroker?

by | Jul 5, 2019

We often get asked the question, “What is a 383 Stroker?”  We’re going to make things easy with a short and sweet explanation to help clear the confusion!
A Chevy 350 can be modified into what is called a 383 stroker by a particular process.  This process involves:
  • Installing an over-sized 400 crankshaft into the engine
  • Machining the internal parts for clearance purposes
  • Extra balancing and blueprinting and so on
These changes make the pistons travel up and down the cylinder further creating a longer “stroke” and increasing the engine displacement without changing the block.  The displacement increases from 5.7 ;oters (350 cubic inches) to 6.27 liters (383 cubic inches).
This longer stroke creates more torque and power, especially in low RPM’s and is the best option for daily street driving for someone who wants a little more fun.  This engine is also useful for those who truck owners who tow heavy items on a frequent basis, especially when towing uphill!

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