Darren McFadden

Dallas Cowboys NFL Runningback

“West Coast Engines rocks! I ordered a “Hollywood” 350 Chevy crate engine. Larry was helpful and took the time to answer all of my questions. These guys are every bit of their great reputation!”

LJay Newsome

MLB Pitcher for Seattle Mariners

Zack Farah

President of Gearstar Transmissions

“I purchased a “BEAST” 383 stroker engine. West Coast Engines service was amazing and they made the entire engine purchase process easy!”

Willie Cauley-Stein

Dallas Mavericks, NBA Player

“These guys really take all of the guess work out of your engine build and are top notch professionals. Brady takes his time to discuss your best options for your project without any kind of sales pressure. Let’s face it, dropping some serious coin on an engine can be a bit nerve racking when you look at all of the different builders and cookie cutter options out there. WCE plain and simple. High end parts, quality build, and they stand behind their work.”

Brian Lyons

383 Stroker "West Coast Special" Customer, Hatboro, PA

“I am the owner of Roberts Custom Trucks. We specialize in the customization and restoration of classic Chevy trucks. We pride ourselves in conducting business with an emphasis on good morals and customer satisfaction. We have worked with numerous engine builders with mediocre results, including some big name “Pheonix” based builder. When one of my customers asked about West Coast Engines I checked them out. They seemed like they offered a good product at a decent price. My customer pulled the trigger on a ready to run engine package and we scheduled his build. As we approached the finish date of the engine build, I got called called in on temporary active duty orders. I called Brady and he held the engine for me until I got back to the shop. That is what impressed me most about the way they conduct business. We received the motor and got it installed in my customers truck and I was impressed with the quality and attention to detail. The motor fired up and ran great and only needed a few minor tweaks to the carb. Since then all I use is West Coast Engines. I’m looking forward to installing many more engines! If your looking to have a West Coast Engine installed head on over to my website www.RobertsCustomTrucks.com and let’s make something happen!”

Jake Roberts

Owner of Roberts Custom Trucks

“When I called West Coast Engines I wasn’t sure which engine was right for my build. Brady was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable and very patient. I purchased the 383 stroker (the West Coast Special) along with a 700R4 automatic transmission and I could not be more satisfied. Their customer service and workmanship is way above the rest. Don’t waste your time with the other guys, call West Coast Engines first!! Thanks again Brady and the West Coast Engines team!!!!!”

Albert Calwhite

383 Stroker "West Coast Special"

“We get all of our crate engines through West Coast.  They customize each engine to our customers needs and budget.  Our customers appreciate quality work and we can count on West Coast Engines every time!”

Evolve Custom Automotive Restoration

San Diego, CA, carrestorationsandiego.com

“This engine has so much more performance and fuel economy it’s unbelieable. Brady was extremely helpful and the engine builder was so knowledgable. Was a great experience and I would do it 100x over! I was referred to West Coast Engines by a mechanic buddy of mine that has been in car racing for 30 years. He’s been doing business with Brady for hot rod engines for years. Anyone that’s interested in performance engines that are street friendly and run on regular gas this is your place.”

Gerald Frazier

383 Stroker "California Cruiser"

“I bought my stage 5 engine from West Coast Engines and I could not be happier with my decision. It is the perfect setup for my 56 Chevy truck. After weeks of research and several conversations with Brady, I determined that he was the most informed and knowledgeable person that I spoke to in my search for the right powertrain for my truck. I recommend anyone who is building a car or truck that wants the peace of mind that goes with having a full warranty on a bad ass engine, to call the guys at West Coast Engines you will not be disappointed!”

Ryan Glantz

383 Stroker "The Beast"


“Started researching new motors. Went through all the big guys. Discovered Brady at West Coast Engines… was a little hesitant at first but he proved himself to be a righteous business man. Provided everything he said and service was amazing. Everything came on time. Easy to put in, friend and I did it, backed it up with a 700R4… the engine is amazing, no issues, very smooth, I’m happy, and everyone I know is amazed with it even my mechanic!”

Darryll Goodman

1969 C10 with a 350 Turnkey


“Being personal is very important to us as a family. This is my husbands daily driver. The quality was there, there were no sales tactics just to move product, we received the engine on time, Brady answered all my questions and always took care of me since day one. The motor was so nice that we bought another one for my sons car. We couldn’t be happier with the purchase!”

Emmanuel Garcia

350 Turnkey "Maverick"

“We purchase all of our small block Chevy and Ford engines through West Coast Engines. Their performance crates engines are always on delivered time, always a great attitude and service. If you need a hot rod shop to install your West Coast Engine we are located in Apache Junction, Arizona!”

Robert Gamarano

Owner, RedRockMotorsports.com (RECOMMENDED INSTALLER)

“West Coast Engines are super. Bought a 383 performance stroker and REALLY love it! Brady was a great help. The price very fair and all promises were kept. Great place to do Business Highly recommend!”
Jack Childs

383 Stroker "West Coast Special"

“I just want to let others know how well you treat your customers and go the extra mile to get things right. I ordered the new West Coast Special Small Block Chevy 383 Engine and it arrived on time as promised. I also checked out West Coast Engines by calling a few shops before my purchase, and I did not hear on bad comment, in fact they were all positive. What I also liked is how I got to choose a few other parts like valve covers, oil pan and a brand new GM block, compression ratio and so on. Service after the sale so far has been also excellent, and nearly 500 horses with a nationwide warranty is hard to beat… thank you!!”

Dale Walker

Owner, Holeshot Performance, West Coast Special 383 Stroker Customer

“I called around to a dozen engine builders before making a purchase at West Coast Engines. These guys were first class from start-to-finish and Brady was so easy to work with. He is the main guy for 383’s there and make sure you work with him. I get overwhelming amounts of compliments wherever I go!! Glad I was talked into the stage 5. I’m SO HAPPY WITH IT!! I’ve got 9,000 miles on it, runs like a champ, and those ricers don’t mess with me anymore haha! Thanks guys!”
Kelly Bork

383 Stroker "The Beast"

I would like to share my review of West Coast Engines. Brady received my call over 9 months ago inquiring about his company West Coast Engines. I didn’t get an automated answer. He picked up the phone. I was interested in his Stage 3 383 stroker. He told me all about it. We spoke for quite some time and he got down to every single detail about my car to make sure I was receiving exactly what I wanted, needed, and what fit in my budget. They helped me build one awesome muscle car. The customer service is on point with real knowledgeable people answering your calls and questions. I’ve been running their product all summer long and couldn’t be happier. No issues, 100% reliable work. They were able to ship my engine over 1500 miles, through the gulf of Alaska and received it in perfect condition! The compliments I’ve received on the engine are amazing. He personally checks in to see how his customers are doing via email or phone. This is one business I would recommend to anyone in the car world. 100% satisfied. I can’t wait to personally shake their hands and thank them for all of their help and quality product. Plug your ears, its time for me to go burn some rubber and turn heads.
Tim Lewandowski

383 Stroker "West Coast Special"

“Purchased a re-manufactured Chevy 5.3 for my 2003 Tahoe. I had never done an engine swap before and they helped me figure out exactly which engine I would need as well as walked me through the other stuff I might need for my swap. The engine was shipped out quickly and arrived looking great. Included was all the paperwork to ensure that the install went smoothly and a checklist to help easily keep track of what was needed to ensure that the warranty was going to be valid. Brady answered all my (endless) questions and helped ensure everything went smoothly and that I was able to walk away with a great engine with an awesome warranty.

Overall a great experience and if I need to buy another engine I will definitely be coming back.”

Josh Mather

Chevy 5.3 Engine

“I would like to thank the guys at West Coast Engines. I purchased a 406 small block chevy and I am elated. Tom was excellent. His customer service skills were impeccable. The complete buying experience was a pleasure. The transaction was smooth and all my questions were answered. The motor was built and on the way back to me in no time. Brady delivered the motor on time as promised, and I have nothing but praise for the whole West Coast Engines team. Keep up the good work and if I ever need another motor, West Coast Engines is my only choice.”
Rodney Rushing

406 Stroker

“I cannot say enough good things about Brady and West Coast Engines! I ordered a Stage 5 383 stroker from him and they DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Throughout the entire build process I was kept up to date with phone calls and emails. Even after the delivery I received a follow up phone call to make sure everything was going smoothly. This motor is a fire breathing dragon and moves my big girl around with easy and then some! If you are looking for a 383 stroker engine, do yourself a favor and give Brady a call…you’ll thank me for it later!”
Joel Frank

383 Stroker "The Beast"

I am an ASE certified pro mechanic at an auto shop in the bay area of California. We purchased a small block Chevy crate engine from West
“Coast Engines more than 6 years ago and it still runs strong. I was very impressed with how personable and easy it is to do business there. It was exactly what we wanted, was delivered on time as promised in 4 weeks,
very professional service from start-to-finish. The customer was happy, and we had no problems or complaints. Highly recommend these guys!”

ASE Mechanic, Autotronics Auto Repair (RECOMMENDED INSTALLER)

“We have installed 7 engines from West Coast Engines over the last 4 years and these guys are worth all the hype. Great service, engines are always on time, and very reliable. We’ve only had one minor issue and it was resolved within 2 days. We have installed 383 strokers, 5.7 Vortec engines, 350 turnkeys, and other crate engines all which have been very impressive. It’s good doing business with people who care.”


ASE Mechanic, San Jose Auto Works (RECOMMENDED INSTALLER)

“West Coast Engine were great to work with. No Hassle, No Issues and On Time Delivery….. Got what I wanted and she is running strong. Thank you guys….. Job well DONE!!!!!!! Great product for the $$$$$$$$$”
Chili Denison

383 Stroker "The Wise Guy"

I previously purchased a motor from West Coast Engines back in 2011. I thought then it was the best motor I purchased! So much that im definitely working with them again on a much bigger project!! I am definitely looking forward to what our future motor together will do!! 400hp here we go!!
Steve Johnston

350 Engine "The Maverick"

“I purchased a 350 “Hum Baby” from West Coast Engines in 2014. Engine is still in the truck and running strong after about 80,000 miles. No leaks, no problems whatsoever. Has amazing power. I’ve been really happy with it.”

Jake Steele

350 Engine "Hum Baby"

I bought an engine from west coast engines last year now have about 5000 miles on a 350-stage two. I am very happy with the power this engine puts out. always have a smile on my face when I take her for a ride. The support and information provided by the West Coast was outstanding and I highly recommend them!
Brian B.

350 Engine "The Maverick"