Here’s just enough behind the scenes to show you what separates our factory from the competition!

500,000 Miles

Our approach to ultimate success is to get you to 500,000 with our engine product. These engines are designed to last 3X longer than the current factory engine that came with your vehicle. Name brand parts, diamond honing processes, and precision machining that only a laser can detect are some of our secrets.

  • Fully Balanced and Blue Printed
  • All Engines are Spin Tested on Simulator
  • Warranties Up To 5 Year/50,000-Miles
  • New Name Brand Parts Such As Edelbrock, Holley, Scat, Melling, and more
  • CK21 Diamond Honing For Perfect Cylinder Cross Hatch

Cylinder Heads


  • Particle (Crack) Inspection for Visible Defects
  • Wheel-A-Brater Clean Black to Bare Metal
  • Magna-Flux for Cracks
  • Tap All Bolt Holes to Ensure Threat Compatibility
  • Chase Threads with Machine Die on Rocker Arms Studs
  • Stud Repair and Hei-Coil on Same Angle Configuration as OE using a Bridgeport Machine
  • Guides are Drilled and Reamed with Diamond Hone to Ensure Correct Size and Hole Compatibility
  • Seats are Replaced with Hard Seats as Required by Application
  • Automotive and Service Duty Applications Use a Non-Magnetic Nicked Based Alloy (Most Rebuilders Use Lower Grade Iron Based Alloy and Small Amount of Chromium)
  • “Serdi” 3-Angle Valve Cut Seat is Applied for Increased Air Flow Enhancing Performance and Fuel Economy
  • Head Surface is Decked and Refinished to Ensure Proper RA (OE Roughness Average) Gasket to Head Compatibility
  • Head is Re-Cleaned in Wash Tank at 250 Degrees
  • Heads Are Equipped with New Manley Valves, Springs, and Hardended Keepers
  • Valve Bores and Diameters are Checked with a Dial Guage to .0002 Accuracy
  • After Assembly, Spring Pressures are Checked with Calibrated “Pound” Gauge, Head is Vacuum Seal Checked
  • 2 Valves are Coated with Graphite to Check Ensuring Proper Seating Pattern of Valve to Seat
  • Head is Coated with Anti-Rust Chemical


  • Blast w/ Steel Shot
  • Power Brush Each Oil Gallery & Cylinder
  • Electro Particle Inspection for Cracks
  • Precision Grind Head Gasket Mating Surface
  • Tap & Clean All Bolt Holes
  • Bore All Cylinders*
  • Install New Brass Plugs, Heat tab & Gallery Plugs
  • Check Deck Height
  • Precision Hone All Connecting Rods
  • Rod Verified for Twist & Bend
  • Clean & Shot Blast All Crankshaft Journals
  • Install New Main, Rod & Camshaft Bearings
  • Install New Camshaft (most applications)
  • Install New Moly Rings or Per Application
  • Install New Pistons & Wrist Pins OEM Specs
  • Verify Final Crankshaft Thrust Clearance Indicator
  • Install New Steel Timing Components (where avail.)
  • Install New Valve Lifters
  • Provide New OEM Oil Pump
  • Install OE/Fel Pro/Victor Reinz/DC Gaskets

Spin Testing

There’s a 50 point inspection while the engine is on a simulated test machine to check the head torque, pressure test, oil pressure, adjust the valves, check compression, double check magnafluxing with black lights, water jackets, and balancing.  Perfection at it’s best!

  • Each Engine is Run-In Until all Vital Functions are Certified 

  • Oil Flow is Monitored on the Run-In Stand 

  • External Plugs are Checked for Leaks & Lower End is Monitored 

  • Amperage is Monitored to Ensure Clearances 

  • Assembled Engines are Vacuum Checked to Verify Water Jacket Integrity 

  • Valve Train Components are Checked for Proper Oiling 

  • Each Engine is Compression Tested