This Jeep 4.7 stroker nicknamed “The Outlaw” is a direct replacement for a Jeep 4.0 engine for vehicle years 1987-2004. She comes gun’s-blazing with 230 HP and 315 TQ. Convenience and reliability, great for towing, offroading, and everyday driving. The greatest feature it’s convenience because there’s no changes on your end! Just buy some new factory injectors, keep the computer settings stock (no ECU reflash), and use your factory accessories.


  1. Work with pro mechanics on the phones, not just order-taking salespeople.
  2. No chip necessary! Compatible with your factory ECU.
  3. Name brand parts such as Scat, Elgin, Melling, Fel-Pro, and Silv-O-Lite.
  4. Big 5 year/50,000 mile warranties that include parts and labor, covered world-wide, and covers self-installs.
  5. Spin tested and all valves pre-adjusted for you.
  6. Shipping nationwide including liftgate and pallet jack service to residential deliveries.


Any Jeep vehicle from 1987 to 2004 with a 4.0 liter engine.


This Jeep 4.7 engine requires 27 PSI injectors. No mods to the ECU, no chips. It does require premium gas.


PRICE: $4,300.00

Call for more information: (619) 458-1441

  • 5 Year/50,000 Mile Warranty
  • Long Block Engine
  • Brass Freeze Plugs
  • Melling Timing
  • Spin Tested
  • Fel-Pro Gasket Kit
  • Melling Oil Pump
  • Lucas Break-In Oil


Here you can see your Jeep 4.7 Stroker engine specs, shipping info, and more! Have questions? Call 619-458-1441

A stroker engine increases an engine’s displacement by lengthening the stroke of the piston. The oversized crankshaft allows the piston to travel further up and down the cylinder. This creates more torque and power, especially in lower RPM’s.

  • Horsepower: 230 HP
  • Torque: 315 lbs
  • Gas: 91 Octane (Premium)
  • Compression: 10:1
  • Max RPM: Idle to 5500 RPM
  • Crankshaft: Scat Steel
  • Cylinder Heads: **NEW** Aftermarket HD Cast-Iron
  • Cylinder Head Gasket: Fel-Pro
  • Valve Springs: Elgin
  • Lifters: Elgin
  • Camshaft: Elgin
  • Push Rods: Melling
  • Rockers: Melling
  • Pistons: Silv-O-Lite
  • Piston Rings: Federal Mogul (Moly)
  • Timing Chain: Melling
  • Bearings: KING HP Series (Tri-Metal Performance)
  • Gasket Set: Included (Fel-Pro/Edelbrock)
  • Core: $400.00
*All Parts are subject to change due to availability. Substituted parts are of equal quality and durability to maintain advertised performance* 


Shipping rates are from $125 to $525 nationwide!

Shipping rates are all inclusive! Which means we can ship it to a freight terminal for pick-up, business, your installer, or your house for the same price… AND we offer pallet jack and liftgate services that’s included in the price already!

All quotes and orders are completed by phone. You can reach by phone at 1-888-957-5454 or email at!

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If your state is listed above then you are eligible for a core exchange! Core charge/deposit is $400.00 on top of the engine price.

Core facts:

  • Core freight is FREE for locals with the state of Washington, Oregon, or Montana
  • Core is picked up AFTER engine is delivered (not at the same time).
  • You have 6 months to return your core after the engine is delivered
  • Core instructions will be emailed to you after purchase
  • Must be a Jeep 4.0 block
  • Yes, you may keep your core! Most customers do and just pay the core fee upfront.
  • Core checks are sent within 90 days after core is recieved

What is a core?

A core is an old engine. It constists of the block, heads, crankshaft, and connecting rods.

Our nationwide warranty for the Jeep 4.7 stroker engine is a whopping 5 years and 50,000 miles!

  • Covers all manufacture defects
  • Includes self-installation
  • Includes labor to pro mechanics for repairs at $75/hour up to $450
  • Includes all parts


  • No returns on any performance engine whatsoever once it’s shipped.
  • 25% cancellation fee prior to engine being shipping. This initiates after a credit card transaction is processed.
  • Premium paint jobs and Serpentine Kit add-ons are non-refundable.
  • Freight is non-refundable.


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“My experience with West Coast engines was amazing. My sales rep Larry was awesome for customer service, any questions I had, and information I needed he was right on it. I’m almost 50 years old and I’ve dealt with a lot of companies, and these guys are exactly what they say. I ordered a Jeep 4.7 stroker engine long block from them, and I’m extremely impressed. The quality of their work was excellent. And the product they gave me was exactly what they said it would be. I am extremely happy. Once my engine build was complete it arrived in a timely manner. I searched a lot of websites for this project and I’m so glad I went with West Coast. I’m totally happy with the power! My thanks to Larry and his team of mechanics who gave me a great build, and a product that I personally can stand behind. I would refer them to anyone, you won’t be disappointed.”

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