All limited warranties are factory-direct through the builder and are up to 5 years/50,000 miles!  These engines can be either personally or professionally installed.  These are nationwide warranties covering all 50 states. We are a private company, not a big corporation, therefore we treat you the way you deserve to be treated and you’ll work with the same people from start-to-finish and even after the sale.  All we ask for in return is the same for good business to take place. Our goal is to blow your mind with the quality, price, and customer service!


Helpful Data

– If you have any questions or concerns please contact us first.  Do not tear through the engine and begin fixing it without our consent under warranty time frame.  Doing so unfortunately nulls the warranty.

– If you hear any strange noises or the engine is running funny, take it to a reputable professional mechanic immediately and have them call us.  Have your engine ID number with you when you call.

– Your engine is designed for a specific application (automobile or marine) and is only covered by this Limited Warranty when used for its specified application.

– If you personally install them, take it to a shop for initial fire-up professional shop or mechanic present upon initial start-up to ensure the engine is tuned/timed properly.  Have them sign your paperwork, keep a receipt, and submit your paperwork immediately after.

– If you need to make any repairs, prior authorization is required from the manufacture before any work is to begin.  Labor is not covered without manufacture consent.

Our builder(s) expressly warrants that its engines are of good quality and free from defects in materials and workmanship. Purchaser acknowledges that the West Coast Engines, LLC offers a factory-direct warranty direct through the manufacture of the engine and warranty claims are handled directly with the manufacture. PRIOR AUTHORIZATION IS REQUIRED FROM THE MANUFACTURE BEFORE WARRANTY WORK IS BEGUN. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to pay for such work (including labor and parts) and to submit the alleged defective parts, written order showing all charges, and a written receipt for payment of all charges to the manufacture for review and determination by the manufacture that the failure is or is not covered by this Limited Warranty.

Fuel injectors, fuel pumps, water pumps, distributors and other accessories sold by West Coast Engines, LLC have a 30-day warranty from date of delivery, after which time they are considered maintenance items and are not covered by this Limited Warranty. Parts included in installation kits provided by the manufacture are warranted for defective workmanship and materials for that duration of time as stated by the original parts manufacturer.

The manufacture will pay labor claims only to repair facilities it has authorized and will only pay labor claims that the purchaser incurs as an out of pocket expense. The manufacture will not be liable for or pay any labor claims on engines installed by any third party that is not a certified license repair facility that it has authorized to perform repair and will not pay any labor claims on engines installed in whole or in part by purchaser. The manufacture will not be liable and will not pay labor claims on racing applications or engines used with superchargers, turbochargers, or nitrous oxide.

PRE-LUBE YOUR ENGINE AS INSTRUCTED IN THE INSTALLATION GUIDE PRIOR TO START-UP.  Use good quality motor oil of the appropriate grade and viscosity.  West Coast Engines, LLC and its manufacturer(s) do not recommend the use of synthetic oils during the start-up and break-in period.  The use of synthetic oils during start-up or break-in will void your warranty.  Synthetic oils may be used after break-in and after an accumulated 6,000 miles for vehicles and an accumulated 200 hours for marine applications.  Flat tappet engines required oils with ZPD for the lifespan of the engine.  A minimum of 2 oil changes are required in the first 1,200 miles to ensure engine has fresh oil and is running properly.  After initial start-up, avoid lugging or extended and/or excessive speed for the first 500 miles.  During the first 500 miles of running time, vary RPM range.  High engine RPM may damage your new engine through friction and high temperatures.  Avoid long periods of idling.  Absent neglect by the purchaser, engine overheating and engine failure due to lack of lubrication can be prevented by proper monitoring of all gauges and/or lights and should never result in engine damage. 

The name brand parts listed on product pages are subject change based on availability and build type. Most engines are built per-order specific to the specific vehicle application. Internal parts and specs are subject to change in the effort to achieve optimum performance and dependability of the vehicle. Custom parts, engines, and equipment are non-refundable and non-exchangeable after the product is delivered.

West Coast Engines Unlimited does not guarantee any performance engine advertised or sold to pass emissions requirements.

All horsepower and torque numbers advertised on our website are provided by the factory. These numbers were achieved on a professionally operated dynamometer to compensate for variables like altitude, temperature, relative humidity, vapor pressure, and barometric pressure, all of which impact measured horsepower and torque. If you do not purchase a complete crate engine, the selection of additional components, and how those components are tuned, will have an impact on measured horsepower and torque such as intakes, carburetors, etc.. Ignition and fuel system components, as well as the fuel octane and quality of the fuel that you select, will impact the numbers. Please understand that, while horsepower and torque numbers are repeatable within reason, they will most likely not be reproduced identically.



(1) Engines originally installed by a professional mechanic in a service shop open to the general public

The manufacture will reimburse to the original purchaser for the authorized repairs at a labor rate of $90.00 per hour from AllData times. No labor shall be paid for the separate machine work, diagnostic hours or parts sold over the counter unless otherwise specified at the time of warranty discussion. Total warranty payment is limited to $750.00 for authorized repairs.

(2) Engines that are self-installed

The manufacture will reimburse the original purchaser for the authorized repairs at a labor rate of $25.00 per hour AllData times. No labor shall be paid for the separate machine work or parts sold over the counter unless otherwise specified at the time of warranty discussion. Total warranty payment is limited to $350.00 for authorized repairs.


Performance Warranty Rates

Personal Use – Advertised at or Under 499 HP

5 Year/50,000 Mile Warranty

1st half = $90.00/HR US, Parts = 100%, Labor Cap = $750.00 US

2nd half = $45.00/HR US, Parts = 50%, Labor Cap = $375.00 US

Personal Use – Advertised 500 HP & Higher

3 Year/36,000 Mile Warranty

1st half Parts = 100%

2nd half Parts = 50%


Automotive Stock Replacement Warranty Rates

Personal Use

5 Year/50,000 Mile Warranty

1st half = $90.00/HR US, Parts = 100%, Labor Cap = $750.00 US

2nd half = $45.00/HR US, Parts = 50%, Labor Cap = $375.00 US


Marine Warranty Rates

Personal Use

1 Year/Unlimited Hours Warranty

1st half = $90.00/HR US, Parts = 100%, Labor Cap = $500.00 US

2nd half = $45.00/HR US, Parts = 50%, Labor Cap = $300.00 US

Diesel Warranty Rates

2 Years/Unlimited Hours Warranty

1st half = $90.00/HR US, Parts = 100%, Labor Cap = $500.00 US

2nd half = $45.00/HR US, Parts = 50%, Labor Cap = $300.00 US


*Self-installed engines must be inspected and signed off by an ASE certified shop to carry any labor payout

*Warranty must be submitted immediately upon installation

*Tin and accessories will be warrantied for a 90-day workmanship and leaks only

*Engines advertised at or over 500 HP carry parts only warranty. No labor will be paid.

*Warranty is void if engine is supercharged, turbocharged, or nitrous is used in any amount

*Short block sales carry a 90-day parts-only warranty


Computation of Labor Claims

To determine the total amount of the labor claim, multiply the flat rate time of the labor operation performed by the labor rate.  Diagnostic time is covered as part of the published repair time.  No separate diagnostic time will be paid out.  No additional time will be paid for the removing of special or auxiliary equipment, not included in the flat rate hours that are based on the manufacture manuals and are not to exceed a maximum of 17 hours for the removal and the replacement of an engine assembly. 


Extensions and Scope of Warranty

The manufacture warrants to the original retail consumer of our product that each product will be free from defects in our materials and the workmanship for the applicable warranty period listed on the front of the warranty card.  This warranty does not apply to defects due to misuse, racing, mis-application, abuse, and negligence, accidents or defects in parts not supplied by the manufacture that fail are not covered in the limited warranty.  All alleged defective components must be made available for our in-house inspection or no warranty or labor coverage will be extended.  All repairs done in the vehicle must have prior approval with the warranty department.


Exclusions from Warranty

The manufacture shall not have any responsibilities for loss of use of vehicle, damage, or personal injury to persons or property. Loss of time, all fluids, inconvenience, and loss of profits or income, travel expenses, towing charges, vehicle rentals, diagnostics, or any incidental or consequential damages arising from any defect in our product. The manufacture assumes no liability or warranty on any of our engines or heads used in any emergency services vehicles.


Warranties Void If….

A.) Engines assembly has been overheated or the heat tab has been removed

B.) Failure to properly clean all transferred components from old engine installed back onto new engine

C.) Engine oil cooler not replaced (flushing or cleaning not acceptable)

D.) Lack of lubrication, oil starvation, or low oil levels

E.) Failure due to act of nature (freezing, flooding, accidents, etc)

F.) Manufacture will not be liable, under ANY circumstances, for scored pistons or cylinders, broken ring lands, engine failures due to signs of overheating, detonation, lean run, pre-ignition, blown head gasket, fuel wash, oil starvation, or improper break-in procedures, flat cam lobes, distributor cams, cam gears, improper break-in oil.

G.) Manufacture specifically excludes liability for broken crankshafts or damage to thrust bearing on crankshafts after the installation of the engine

H.) All gaskets and seals that are installed by the manufacture are covered for 90 days after install. After that time the warranty is covered per manufacture warranty and limitations.

I.) Warranty is to the ORIGINAL purchaser and is non-transferable


Return Policy

– No returns on performance engines whatsoever

– 25% restocking fee for factory replacement stock engines. Engine must be in original working condition. Zero tolerance for damages and will be charged repair fees. Freight is not refunded. Customer is responsible for core freight fees and other charges associated. Return only valid within 3 days after delivery.

– 15% cancellation order fee prior to engine shipping. Any engine above $3,000 has a 25% cancellation fee. This initiates after a credit card transaction is processed and an order is submitted to the factory.

– Freight is a non-refundable item