Changes Due to COVID-19 & Global Shortages

*We are fully up-and-running, normal hours, and mostly normal operations.

*Build times are a bit longer than usual. Currently we are 3-5 months from order date to shipment. Since we custom build each order, many engine parts (such as crankshafts, serpentine kits, intakes, EFI systems) are a special-order and wait time is longer than usual due to the pandemic.

*Engine break-in and live testing is available, but printable dyno sheets are unavailable until further notice but should be back soon. We still will take live videos of your engine running if the break-in is included in your turnkey or drop-it-in-and-go dress package.

*No refunds, returns, on any products.

*Cancellation fees are 25% of the of the total cost of the engine (freight and core not included). This is initiated on initial payment to start order.


How do I get an instant quote?

We prefer you to call us directly at 619-458-1441. Our engines are custom made to order specific to the vehicle, lifestyle, and customer preferences. This means that we need to collect information from you about your project in order to quote you the engine setup that will suit your needs.

How do I order an engine?

Since our engines are custom built-to-order it’s best to do things the old-fashioned way over the phone so we can know all the details about your ride making sure it’s an easy install. Give us a call and we will walk you through the process. If you’re outside the USA, we can also take orders via email.


How long is the build time from order to delivery?

Build are generally 3-4 months. The time varies mostly on how quickly we can get parts. Some builds are 2 months.


What does shipping cost?

Shipping rates are from $125-$500. Call or email us for pricing.


Do you sell on eBay?

No. All engine sales are exclusively purchased by phone on our website. Our engines ARE NOT sold on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, any retailers, or any other websites on the internet. Any sources other than our website that pose as us or use our name are fraudulent. Please report any suspicious activity to sales@westcoastengines.com.


Do you sell internationally?

Yes! We have customers all around the world in Australia, Germany, South America, Canada, and Dubai.


Can you ship to my house?

Yes! Home deliveries will include an appointment, liftgate service, and pallet jack service. All you need to do is tell the delivery driver where to put it in your garage and sign for it!


Do you require a core?

Yes, most engines have a core fee. We accept core exchanges for locals near our factory in Spokane, Washington. Core fees are in place because we buy cores and it covers our cost. It’s a seperate fee since some customers have a preference to purchase a new block on high-performance applications, especially with vehicles seeing the race track often.


Do you use seasoned blocks or new blocks?

We prefer to use seasoned blocks for street-purpose vehicles. The blocks we use on small block Chevy/Ford are the 90’s roller blocks with the 1-piece seal in the back. We do offer a selection of new blocks for an additional fee.


What does “custom built” mean?

We build the engine from scratch specific to your vehicle, preferences, and lifestyle. So let’s say you have a Corvette with a factory hood, manual transmission, and you want your engines blacked-out from top-to-bottom. We make sure it has the right intake, the right carburetor, the correct flywheel, and we cosmetically make it look just the way you want! Pretty sweet, right?!


Do you price match?

We do not price match. It’s impossible to compare apples-to-oranges because every engine builder is different from the balancing, machinery, testing, parts used, how warranties are handled, etc.. We strive to be the most thorough custom crate engine builder out there so most companies don’t have the quality of machinery and/or quality processes we offer to help the engine run better and last longer.


Do offer sponsorships?

We do sponsorships but it’s very selective. We have 2 types of sponsorship. With celebrities or actual business with a proven track-record that will promote our products, we will give discounts/sponsorship deals upfront. For everyone else we do a “rebate sponsorship” program where we send the difference of the discount after the agreement is met. For example, let’s say a blogger pitches us they want a discount and will write a 3,000+ word blog paired with a YouTube video about their experience with West Coast Engines that covers everything from the purchase to entire installation. We would send him a rebate check AFTER the blog and Youtube video were posted. There would be a contract written to ensure both parties hold-up to their word.


What transmission works best with your engines?

This is a very common question. The transmission is more applicable to the vehicle and the owners lifestyle than the engine itself. We work alongside Bowler Transmissions and Gearstar Transmissions. We send customers to those transmission builders and if they need any technical information about the engine we can work with Bowler or Gearstar directly. We exclusively work with these companies because they build a great product and they are excellent to work with.


Do you sell engine parts? 

We are an authorized and official dealer for Holley Performance, Borla Induction, and CVF Racing but we do not sell engine parts by themselves. We may introduce this in the future, but as of now the accessories are only available with the purchase of an engine. If you have already purchased an engine, we can make an exception for some items.


Where are you located?

West Coast Engines has two locations. Our 15,295 sqft manufacturing facility is in downtown Spokane, Washington. The headquarters is in San Diego, California and this is where administrative and online operations take place.


Can I tour the manufacturing facility in Washington?

Yes! Schedule an appointment with Larry at 619-458-1441.


Who builds your engines?

We build our own engines.  We sometimes get this question because you’ll see “S&J Engines” associated with our company.  We are partners with S&J Engines but we are not the same company, nor do we re-sell their engines.  S&J is a large manufacture that sells factory replacement engines for everyday cars, mostly modern vehicles.  West Coast Engines is an entirely separate entity and we only sell high-performance engines for old-school classic cars; mostly high-end turnkey complete crate engines.  We are positioned in the same building and we work together but we have our own offices, our own staff, our own parts, and our own warranties.  But they own the building and we share resources with them.  Anyone is welcome for a full shop tour!  Just reach out to our sales team.


Do you install engines?

We do not install engines here at our factory. We build engines and direct ship them world-wide to customers.


Do you build racing engines?

We do not build racing engines here. We build street-only or street-and-strip or strip-and-road course but not for a racing-purpose vehicle.


Do you build engines for force induction?

At this time we do not. Only naturally aspirated.


How do you paint your engines?

We use a high-temperature paint enamel that is rated up to 500 degrees. It’s a spray can paint and we typically use the brand Duplicolor.


How do you handle warranties?

The first step for any warranty is to ensure a proper install took place. We require that you fill out the warranty documents and turn them in as soon as possible. It includes a checklist which verifies you had a professional mechanic on site for first start-up, the installation checklist is filled-out, and the installation guide was reviewed. Without these documents the warranty is void because there’s no proof we have that it was a proper install into the vehicle.

Once we have these documents, we need as much data as possible. DO NOT begin repairs until you have recieved written authorization from us. If the repairs are small, we send parts and labor (Check out our warranty page for more information). If the repair is large, we will provide you written authorization to send the engine back for repairs.


What is your warranty ratio?

In 2020 we sold just shy of 300 engines and we had 3 come back that were deemed as a major manufacture defect. We took care of those engines 100% in house on our dime. We don’t run into many problems, especially with the complete engines that are hot run before they leave. We use quality parts, we have the best machinery and balacing in the country, and we have an outstanding quality control protocol. The most common issues we see are customers not reading through the installation guide carefully and running into issues due to improper installation.

Why should I do business with West Coast Engines?

1.) Service – Quality human interaction with a knowledgable rep with a can-do attitude is priceless.  The only reason these other companies use automation, hire people with a bad attitude who are “order takers”, or outsource from other countries is because they are in love with money and not you.  That’s the problem with business today is the magic is dealing with great people who go above and beyond to help you.

2.) Quality – Our engines are custom hand built, not mass produced.  We build our engines in-house from start-to-finish including the dyno sessions, paint jobs, machining, parts, etc so you’ll find the quality control is perfect.  There’s attention to detail that is unparalled with what the industry offers for regular everyday hot rod performance.  We use name brands, not the cheap stuff.  In our builds you’ll find names such as Fel-Pro, Holley, Scat, Edelbrock, AFR, COMP Cams, Crane, Elgin, and more.

3.) Convenience – Most of our customers are doing this for the first time and our job is to make sure your experience is EASY.  We don’t buy our parts and accessories based on the best profit margin, we install the BEST QUALITY so we don’t run into problems down the road.  We also want to make sure your engine is complete as possible and tested/tuned ready to drop in your vehicle, this way you don’t have to tinker with it or run to the parts store.  We offer custom paint jobs, cosmetic upgrades, and more so you can have your ideal engine the first time and not have to do it yourself later!