Where are you located?

We are an online based company headquartered out of San Diego, CA.  Our engines are manufactured and shipped at our factory in Spokane, WA.



What does shipping cost?

We ship engines nationwide to 49 states (including Alaska). If you are on the West Coast (WA, OR, CA), shipping is Free. If you are in other parts of the U.S., shipping is $200 to a business or $300 to a residence.


Do you sell internationally?

Yes! We have customers all around the world in Australia, Germany, South America, Canada, and Dubai. We can do business outside the USA but we do not have a shipping program. All shipping arrangements for outside of the USA border are handled by the customer. We will ship it to a freight barge or terminal inside the USA that works best for you.


Can you ship to my house?

Yes! Home deliveries will include an appointment, liftgate service, and pallet jack service. All you need to do is tell the delivery driver where to put it in your garage and sign for it! This is included in the freight costs.


Do you require a core?

A core is a bare engine block, basically a skeleton of let’s say a Chevy 350. Our blocks are remanufacted therefore we do require a core. Core exchange is available in these western states (WA, OR, CA, NV, UT, WY, CO, and ID) . All pricing on website does not include the core fee.


What does “custom built” mean?

We specifically design the engine for your car, your lifestyle, and your preferences. This way it’s easy to install, improves performance, and is cosmetically appealing to you because everyone has different tastes!

Do you sell on eBay?

Negative. All engine sales are exclusively purchased by phone on our website. Our engines ARE NOT sold on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, any retailers, or any other websites on the internet. Any sources other than our website that pose as us or use our name are fraudulent.


Do you give out sponsorships?

We do sponsorships but it’s very selective. We have 2 types of sponsorship. With celebrities or actual business with a proven track-record that will promote our products we give discounts upfront. For everyone else we do a “rebate sponsorship” program where we send the difference of the discount after the agreement is met. For example, let’s say a blogger pitches to us they want a discount and will write a 3,000+ word blog paired with a YouTube video about their experience with West Coast Engines that covers everything from the purchase to entire installation. We would send him a rebate check AFTER the blog and Youtube video were posted as agreed upon. There would be a contract written to ensure both parties hold-up to their word. The sooner it’s executed, the sooner you get paid!


What transmission works best with your engines?

This is a very common question. The transmission is more applicable to the vehicle and the owners lifestyle than the engine itself. As long as it has the appropriate build to handle the horsepower that’s our only concern. Just about any transmission will work with any engine so it’s more about how you’ll use the vehicle.


How does your warranty work?

Our warranty is very simple: all manufacture defects, leaks up to 90 days after install, all parts included, and labor at $50/hour up to $850 is paid for repairs on engines advertised under 499 horsepower. If you have a problem call us immediately and we will help you. If there are defected parts we will send you new parts and if the engine damage is excessive, pull it out with everything connected, mail it to us, we will fix it in under 30 days and mail it back to you repaired.

Fortunately we have very few warranties but a vast majority of our warranties are due to installers not following the install checklist or reading the material. Make sure you have the material, read it, fill it out, and turn in the paperwork once the engine is fired-up.

Check out our warranty page for more information. 

Why should I do business with West Coast Engines?

We’re glad you asked!  Our engines are custom built and not mass produced the same every time.  We do this because we want our customers to get a higher quality product that looks, sounds and drive the way you want and easier to install.  Many engine builders you find online don’t offer this service, their engines look dull and sound the same.  There’s hardly any human interaction to help you, no relationship with your builder and you end up being just a number.  What if you have a problem and the engine doesn’t work or fit your vehicle?  Their solution is easy – you’re on your own!  We do business by putting our people first and everything else is second.  We want it to be an EASY, FRIENDLY EXPERIENCE and for you to have CONFIDENCE IN OUR INTEGRITY.  Our goal is to have you spread the word as a large majority of our business is word of mouth.




West Coast Engines Unlimited Inc BBB Business Review