Shopping for an engine is a big project, sometimes more than people can handle.  Your job doesn’t get any easier when trying to visualize and piece your project to life.  Lucky for you, we like to be a few steps ahead to make things easier.  West Coast Engines is a huge advocate for letting you express your style, especially when buying such a big priced item.  This is a big purchase and one that doesn’t happen often, why not get what you want?

Since we are a company based off of customizations, being able to see your options makes a difference.  That’s why we love sharing our pictures of our past clients’ engines so we can spark creativity inside our future client’s eyes.  

Our social media page has been a great way to share these masterpieces, but we thought we’d take it a step further and give people more control when they see what they like.

Below is a gallery of photos with a specific number given to each.  Like what you see?  Reference the engine number to one of our reps and they can put together a customized quote to give you the price for the style you’re looking for!