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SPECIAL PRICE: $7,500.00

About this engine…

Taking turnkey to another level, this is called our “drop-it-in-and-go” dress package. It’s a fully dressed turnkey crate engine with starter, alternator, powersteering, belts, pulleys, fuel pump, carburetor… just add headers, fluids, and crank it on!

She runs on 87 regular gas, built for daily and long distance driving, and works with power brakes. There’s an “RV” roller cam inside with hydraulic roller lifters which is a must-have these days for a long-lasting engine ditching the old flat-tappet design. Inside the engine it’s nothing less than what would put in our own cars, name brands like Edelbrock, Holley, Fel-Pro, Melling, CVF Racing; some of the most trusted names in American hot rod industry. This engine does not have A/C but we do have serpentine systems that have AC for additional.

  • Build time is 4-6 weeks
  • 5 Year/50,000 Mile Warranty for Engine
  • Custom Paint Color Included
  • Daily Street Driving (Not Racing)
  • Dyno Testing is INCLUDED
  • Shipping Nationwide is INCLUDED (except Hawaii)
  • Core Fees are INCLUDED
  • All Inclusive for EASY INSTALLATION
  • Sales Tax Applies for CA Residences

Why West Coast Engines?

Let’s face it, GM’s engine factory in Mexico isn’t producing a consistent product these days and that’s why the reviews online are mixed. Same thing is happening with the major players in the engine business, especially big retailers, because they want to sell you on a cheaply priced engine so they can later sell you parts to put on your new engine and car parts too. But cheap price comes at a price and that’s where we draw the line.

West Coast Engine customers know you get what you pay for. We don’t believe in major retail distribution, huge mark-ups to pay for corporate bonuses and incentives, and outsourcing outside of the USA. We are passionate about American muscle and helping people achieve their dreams because that’s what we want. So we build these engines custom for every customer in 4-6 weeks and we do things the old fashioned way but we get a quality product, easy experience, and a happy customer every-time.


Call to order

All orders and quotes are done by phone for optimum service. We live in a world that is very automated and we have no interest in that because we like people 🙂

When you call in just say that you’re looking at the “DEAL OF THE WEEK”!



Check out the sound on the Hum Baby in idle!  Pretty sweet, huh?  This engine is perfect for daily driving, reliable and a definite steal as our Deal of the Week engine!

Still have questions about the Hum Baby package deal?  Feel free to email us at with your subject labeled ‘Deal of the Week’ with all your questions so we know how to help you!



  • 5 Year/50,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty
  • Long Block Engine
  • Weiand Aluminum Intake Manifold
  • Spark Plugs
  • Brass Freeze Plugs
  • Aluminum High-Flow Water Pump
  • Melling HD Double Roller Timing
  • Spin Tested
  • Fel-Pro Gasket Kit
  • Melling Oil Pump
  • CFR Racing 5QT Oil Pan
  • Chrome Valve Covers
  • PCV Valve
  • Chrome Breather
  • Pioneer Timing Cover
  • 180 Degree Thermostat
  • Chrome Water Neck
  • Summit Racing Harmonic Balancer
  • Pioneer Flexplate/Flywheel
  • GM Dipstick & Tube
  • Standard Paint Job
  • Holley 600 Street Avenger Carburetor (EFI Available)
  • Holley Mechanical Fuel Pump
  • HEI Distributor
  • MSD 8mm Wires
  • MRG Wire Separators
  • Powermaster High-Torque Mini Starter
  • By-Pass Hose
  • SMP Oil Sender
  • SMP Temp Sender
  • CVF Racing Serpentine System (Billet Aluminum, MADE IN USA, and LIFETIME WARRANTY)
  • 140 Amp Chrome 1-Wire CS130 Alternator
  • Chrome Plated Aluminum GM Type II Power Steering Pump
  • Reservoir with Bracket – Polished Billet Aluminum
  • Gates Premium Green Strip 8 Rib Belt
  • Water Pump Pulley & Cover – Polished Billet Aluminum
  • Crank Pulley – Polished Billet Aluminum
  • Crank Pulley Spacer – Polished Billet Aluminum
  • Alternator Pulley & Cover – Polished Billet Aluminum
  • Power Steering Pulley – Polished Billet Aluminum
  • Universal Alternator Fan – Polished Billet Aluminum


  • Horsepower: 350
  • Torque: 375 lbs
  • Gas: 87 Octane (Regular Gas)
  • Max RPM: Idle to 5200 RPM
  • Stall Recommended (not required): Factory
  • Crankshaft: Cast-Iron (All Radius Ground 10/10)
  • Cylinder Heads: Vortec
  • Cylinder Head Gasket: Fel-Pro
  • Cylinder Head Bolts: Elgin
  • Valve Springs: Pioneer
  • Lifters: Elgin HL-2148
  • Valve Size: 1.94/1.60
  • Camshaft: Melling (Roller Hydraulic)
  • Camshaft Lift: .497”
  • Camshaft Duration: 206° Int / 214° Exh. @ .050” Lift
  • Camshaft Lobe Separation: 112
  • Push Rods: Elgin PR-373
  • Rockers: Elgin (1.5 Stamped Steel)
  • Rocker Arm Nut: Pioneer RM-341-100
  • Rocker Arm Ball: Pioneer RM 342-100
  • Rocker Arm Stud: Pioneer
  • Intake Manifold: Weiand 8121 (Aluminum)
  • Pistons: Federal Mogul (Hypereutectic)
  • Piston Rings: Federal Mogul (Moly)
  • Connecting Rods: GM Forged Powder Metal
  • Timing Set: Melling (HD Roller)
  • Bearings: KING HP Series (Tri-Metal Performance)
  • Carburetor: Holley (600 CFM)
  • Carburetor Mounting Gaskets: Edelbrock
  • Fuel Rail: Holley
  • Balancer: Pioneer (8″)
  • Distributor: Summit Racing (HEI)
  • Wires: MSD (8mm)
  • Spark Plugs: Autolite
  • Pulleys: Spectre / CVF Racing
  • Water Pump: GMB (Long or Short Available)
  • Thermostat: 180 Degrees
  • Gasket Set: Included (Fel-Pro/Victor Reinz)
  • Oil Pan: Engine Quest (5 TQ)
  • Oil Pan Gasket Set: Mahle (Molded Rubber Compound)
  • Oil Pump: Melling (M-55)
  • Dipstick Tub & Stick: GM
  • Flywheel/Flexplate: Pioneer (153 or 168 Tooth)
  • Core: $300.00
  • Total Timing Specs: 33 Degrees @ 2500 RPM
  • Compression Ratio: 9:1
  • Header Recommendation: 1″ 5/8